Goal 50球迷投票 2019-20赛季最佳球员榜

Every year, the big drama will be staged, and Goal 50 years selection is back! Now, the fans will have the opportunity to participate in it, and make fans vote for the Goal 50 winners in their minds!

Different from previous years, this year's football season arrived in August, and now enough football will have awarded the best players in the 2019-20 season!

What you need to do is completing the questionnaire below, from 10 of 100 candidate players, you think that the last season is most excellent, November 11th, the Goal50 fans will announce the final award List.

Goal50 Gaol 50 2020: The world's best 50 players Goal 50 winners Had: The game is a model Western Pov: Goal 50 La Wan was underestimated by Liverpool, the best: his The pass made me shocked

The voting event will continue until the beginning of October 31st, hurry up!

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What is the same is that the Goal 50 list will be determined by a comparison football throughout the world's reporter network, currently relevant Work is in full swing.

The winners will be constructed by men and women and football members, will be announced at 12 o'clock on November 10, the UK time.

The best GOAL 50 is the best winner, Fan Dai, will lead the Liverpool players to attack this year's grand prize. On the other hand, the three crowns Wang Bai Ren Munich is also rubbing the palm, and the jump is eager to try.

The best of the year's best frequently passenger Messi and C Rona are also possible to take the first. In addition, new Xisimpe, Hallant, and Greenwood, which have emerged in recent seasons, are expected to have a place in the list.



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