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Master Debrah in Manchester City in the latest FIFA The series of football games was once again rated as the best midfield.

Before the official release of FiFa21 on October 9, the 2019-20PFA year's best player maintained its own 91 points, and he contributed 20 assists and 13 into the last season. It is incredible.

As the absolute main force of the Royal Madrid won the Champion of the Laylla, the total commentary of Brazilian foot cards rose from 87 to 89, and became the second high midfielder in the game.

The Champions League Champions, Joshi Kiimi, ranked third with 88 points, along with Engelo Canter and Tony Cross.

Chelsea's Canter spent a relatively general season in the Blue Army, and the total score fell from 89 points to 88 points, while Cross's rating and the top-seeking FIFA20.

The total commentary of four mid-field players is divided into 87 points, including Manchester United Sino-Space Organizer Bruno Fernandez, the Portuguese's excellent performance made his score increased by 2 points. Liverpool's Brazilian Star Faba, Royal Madrid Star Luca Moderich and the old barcelona's old barter, Selgio Beskz, has got the same score.

Other players entering the top 20 players include Bayern Legend Thomas Muller, Red Devils, Core Paul Boger, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson and their newly signed Tiago, exceptIn addition, it also includes the old David Silva who has transferred to the Royal Society.

FIFA21 Best Middle Field (CDM, CM, CAM) PlayerClubpositionOVeralall Rating Debrau Manchester City CAM91 Kassemiro Real Madrid CDM89 Kikima CM88 Canthel West CDM88 Modriqi Real Emperor CM87 Bruno Fernandes Manchester United CAM87 Fabi Nio Liverpool CDM87 Buskz Barcelon CDM87 Thomas Muller Bayern Cam86 Borg Baman United CM86 Villabi Pari Saint-Germain CM86 Alexandro Gomez Atlanta Cam86 Jordan Henderson Liverpool CDM86 Wei · Silva Royal Society CAM86 Tiago Liverpool CM85 Kay Hudz Cherbi Cam85 Louis Albertoi Cam85 Qijih Cherghi Cam85 Royce Detmond Cam85



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